SUNDAY, MAY 26 at 7pm
With host Brad Lawrence

ANDY ROSS - Real Characters
RORY SCHOLL - The Big Quiz Thing

21 A Clinton St
. Manhattan
15 in advance, $20 at the door

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After a dozen years hosting and producing The Liar Show, creator Andy Christie is passing the baton to the fantastic team of Brad Lawrence, Rory Scholl and Tracy Rowland. They will pilot it to new and dizzying heights - or so they say. Please greet them with a full house, open arms and a pinch of salt.

Andy will be spending the rest of his life trying to finally finish a novel. He's a slow reader.

• We're taking a summer break for August.

• Our 10th Anniversary Show is coming up on August 6th, 2016. Check back for details.

On November 18th, we'll be joining The (Dis)Honesty Project for a special Liar Show, featuring The Truth Box and a reception with the producers of the documentary feature film, (Dis)Honesty: The Truth About Lies.

We're beside ourselves with pride! On Saturday, December 13, we'll be lowering the literary bar at The Mount, the splendid and historic home of Edith Wharton. Meet us in The Drawing Room. What are we, savages?

Some photos from our March 1, 2014 show at Cornelia Street Café

The Moth's Holiday Podcast features two of my favorite people in the world: Ophira Eisenberg and me. Listen here.

A TRUE story by Liar Show creator Andy Christie is included in The Moth's new book., which just landed on The N.Y. Times Best Seller list. Buy it or listen to the story on The Moth Podcast.

The Moth Presents Andy Christie
Liar Show creator, Andy Christie, tells a (true) story on The Moth Mainstage.
The Players Club, NYC.

The Liar Show's House Band: Eight Minute Party
Four Liar Show regulars
shut up for a few hours and picked up their instruments to form an honest to goodness bar band. Here's a short sampling of how it went at Fontana's Bar on January 10th, 2012. With Andy Christie, Leslie Goshko, Colin Dempsey and Daniela Schiller. Wish you were there. And if you were there: Thanks! Hope you had as much fun as we did!

Peabody Award Winners Announced!

Don't get excited. WE didn't win a Peabody. But The Moth Radio Hour did!! I should mention, humbly, that many Liar Show performers have told their true stories on that award-winning radio series -- including this week's Ed Gavagan and our host, Andy Christie. So while we don't get the gold medal, we do enjoy gilt by association.

Our New Orleans Fringe run was a completely fantastic experience. What a beautiful and special city. Thanks NOLA. See you soon.

NOVEMBER 17 THRU 21, 2010

In addition to our regular Saturday shows, we have two holiday semi-sepctaculars coming up: 12/22 at Bowery Poetry Club and a New Year's Eve Early Bird Special at beautiful Cornelia Street Cafe

CLICK HERE to listen to this week's Moth podcast of Andy Christie's (true) story, It's Not The Fall That Gets You, recorded live on The Moth Mainstage at The Players, NYC..


4 stars from THREE WEEKS:
"Four fabulous comedians, four fantastical stories, three of which are true. What's more, the acts rotate every night, so this is also a wonderful way to see some fresh comedic talent that you might not otherwise have known about. It was an unbelievably enjoyable and engrossing hour of fun, the anecdotal tales ranging from a disastrous flight fiasco to a too-good-to-be-true camping adventure, and from a New York gun crime cop, 'The Sopranos'' style, to a lovely bloke who's recently discovered he's a brother again. All are as touching as they are personal, and as hilarious as they are incredible. Get along and test your interrogative powers; if you can spot the lie you might win a T-shirt."

4 stars from THE SCOTSMAN:
"...happier times are to be had in the hands of stand-up professionals at The Liar Show, telling gripping personal stories. Three are true, one entirely fabricated. The audience is invited to grill them on the specifics and then vote. Guess correctly you win a prize! My crew consisted of adorable Carey Marx, describing an unusual date; wonderful Ophira Eisenberg confessing to sex with a mad collector; Peter Lubell's wry tale of celeb spotting; and Jason John Whitehead's rambling saga about his trip to an American theme park. Some story-tellers return, but the tales are always different, so the show's never stale and can be revisited.

The audience was a hoot, as well, ganging up on Whitehead, who had us in stitches trying to defend his stoner's inability to remember detail. Clever us, we did spot the liar, and it was satisfying hurling our abuse. In short: good premise, fun show, great execution, and a chance to sample comedic talents you might not know about, so it also functions as a highly effective sampler for future fringe picks. A winner."

"Next to breathing and eating, lying is man's greatest survival tactic. I should include some percentile fact about deceit but that won't add anything to the review. Instead I shall recommend The Liar Show, a one hour detective-comedy extravaganza where you sift through the stories of individuals and spot the fibber.

Its an easy game to grasp. Four stories. Three of them are true. You listen, interrogate and then through the powers of deduction work out which is the liar. This time we had a New York cop story, a story about Madonna, a story about a thousand pieces of origami and one about cut price prawns. Of course they all were equally extravagant and fairly unbelievable and no-one quite wanted to call the big cop who ran over drug dealers a liar.

Great premise and a fun show. Unfortunately you always get one foppish annoying pubescent know-it-all in the audience trying to dominate the show – thankfully the compare dealt with him swiftly. A night of solid wholesome fun that, due to story tellers changing nightly, has a lot of re-watch value. And of course no one leaves empty handed – badges and t-shirts are handed out at the end."


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